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Oh, Coffee Cart. The Re-Do and the Reveal.

I'm not afraid to admit, I love my coffee. I rarely miss the bold brew with full-fat dairy steaming in my perfectly warmed cup anywhere between 2 - 3:30 pm. Ah... Well, as most of us know, a typical open house on a Sunday afternoon pretty much falls during that time. Instead of missing this creamy ritual because I have an open house, I've decided that ritual must live on. And, a box of Donut Shop K-Cups set up on the kitchen counter just won't cut it.

My next listing is a great fixer in West Hills. It's a 5 bedroom, 3 bath two-story home. This layout perfect, but it's waiting for someone to remodel and throw some backyard pool parties that'll keep 'em coming back!

This fixer upper needs a coffee cart, and I just came across a cart that could use some fixing up itself.

So, the hunt began! I searched for bar cart, and I found a couple options at an antique store that caught my eye. When I told my friend about my plan (and potentially talk her into going with me to scout them out), she quickly texted me photos of her "tea cart". Her tea cart was in need of love, and I decided to take it in.

And so the project begins...

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I have a few weeks to fix up this cart so it can make its debut at my open house for the fixer in West Hills. I will be keeping it black, but it will get a good sanding and get a fresh coat of paint.

I've been researching some designs for the upper and lower top. I've been really inspired by Tabarka Studios collection of hand-painted tiles and their parquet floors (one is on my must-have list). They are to die for! Since I don't have a kitchen or bathroom remodel happening right now, I'll be taking my cues from Tabarka Studios flooring anyway.

I think I'll be painting (oh, goodness me) the cart's top to look similar to a tile from their Paris Metro Collection. There are so many I like, but for this project, I love Paris Metro 19. I like that the lines for this top. When I close my eyes, I can see myself brewing coffee on this tile. If this were a kitchen remodel, I must admit I'm very curious to see how this might look as a countertop installation. Gasp! I love the cleanliness of a solid surface, but they are getting to be a bit boring, aren't they? Oops, let me get back on topic.

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The knobs, oh my, these knobs are so special. They're from Rickshaw which happens to be located at passage du Grand Cerf in Paris. You've got to take a look and order a few for a your powder room cabinet or better yet in your closet. Their jewelry for your closet cabinetry.

I'm feeling a little gold leaf may make the cut somewhere in there.

Now, back to reality. I'm off to strip, sand and paint. Not my favorite parts of the project, but a process that'll dictate the final result. There are always surprises that throw a wrench in even the best laid plans...

I'll be updating this with pictures and any new developments as I go along. I'll see you soon, and I do except to see you in person to grab a hot coffee from this soon-to-be revived coffee cart. (Hint: I'll be using a Keurig for ease, but I've ordered Pete's French Roast, Green Mountain Kenya (medium roast), a dark chocolate cocoa, and English Breakfast tea.

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