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Inside The Pocket

Welcome. I'm so excited you're here. I'm thrilled because this real estate company has lived mostly in my head and in my notebooks for well over a year (possibly two), and now finally, it's coming to life.

It's coming to life because of a dear friend. Over coffee, over more coffee, and possibly more coffee, she made me believe I could do this. Dark roast, cream, sugar and the occasional McVitie's Digestives (chocolate & original) and protein bars may have been involved.

I've been involved in real estate for 17 years. My love of homes began in about 2001 when I started flipping houses in Los Angeles. I became licensed in 2006, and managed construction projects on single family homes, to condos to apartment buildings. I've help stabilized troubled assets and overseen hundreds of real estate transactions that weren't always simple.

I've always shied away from working in a typical real estate agency because I didn't want to subscribe to the typical business model. I couldn't see my face plastered all over the marketing material. I didn't make sense to me. It was supposed to be about the homes, not my face and name.

The time was right to present homes differently.

My love of real estate lives and dies with the home and what it represents. To me, a home is symbolic of all that one's life encompasses. Our homes are an extension of who we are. It's the safe space where we fall in love, where we raise our children, where ideas are born and where memories are made.

Home extends into the community where we create friendships that can last a lifetime. It's where we can get involved in the neighborhood and quite possibly change lives.

Your idea of "home" may be very different than mine. Yes, it's personal to each person, and it should be. Whatever it may be, I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to experience "home" in their own way. I also believe that everyone should experience their best life in that home, and I hope I can help them find that.

So, why The Pocket? In Southern California, there are so many hidden areas that, in the industry we call a pocket. A real estate market can seem overwhelming, but in the pocket, you'll start to see the specifics. For me, it's even more personal than that.

How is this company different from all the other agencies out there? I lead with my passion for life which feeds my passion for homes. Or, is it the other way around? This shows in how I represent myself in the community. I'm out meeting like-minded people who make their communities stronger. I feature those people, places and things that are making our lives better in that pocket.

This passion also shows in how I market your home. I demand more than post pictures and video of the home. I try and give you an insiders view of what life is like to live in that home. I showcase what's special about that house in creative ways. The home I'm selling usually tells me how to market it. It's so much fun.

Keep checking the site as I grow. You'll get a feel for The Pocket, and I think you'll see the difference.


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